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Stossel: School choice produces winning results

Finally! Now more states will let parents use their tax money to educate their kids at a school they choose. In Arizona, families can get $6,500 to spend on private school, tutoring or even home schooling. The education establishment is horrified — especially teachers unions. They don't ...

Stiehm: Why Trump talks nonstop about witch hunts

No American president ever posed as the victim of a "witch hunt" — save former President Donald Trump. It's his favorite metaphor for all time and place. We'll be hearing more of that as courts and the House committee on Jan. 6 trace a long trail of crimes under investigation, up to the ...

Alpine School District approves sensitive materials policy

The Alpine School District Board of Education voted Tuesday evening to approve Policy 6161, Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials. A temporary pilot of the policy, which will guide employees in examining district materials, was approved at an ASD board meeting on Aug. 9 that ran ...