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Intermountain Health speeds up plans for new Behavioral Health Center after $25M gift

Suicide remains a leading cause of death in Utah youth. Over the past 12 months, the state lost 38 children between the ages of 10-17 to suicide and another 71 young people between the ages of 18-24. On Monday, Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital announced the acceleration of a new $96 million Behavioral Health Center in Taylorsville, thanks to a $25 million investment from the state of Utah and other local philanthropists. The new center is slated to open in late 2025 and will be available to all Utah youth as well as those in Intermountain’s seven-state region. “We extend ...


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Sanpete County

Is it hot enough for you?

I think that there are annoying people in everyone’s life. It’s not the same people for everyone. You might not even notice the guy who eats with his mouth open who annoys me. The lady who clacks her dentures might be okay to me, but she might drive you bonkers. I have several habits which ...

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Garvey: By golly, I’m a fan of Bob Ross

I'm addicted to Bob Ross. It all started out small. I'd watch an episode or two of "The Joy of Painting" before bedtime to relax, the soothing timbre of Ross' voice lulling me to sleep. Soon, though, I started watching when I was cooking dinner, then when I was getting dressed. When I'm ...

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