For the first time, the True Blue Foam event, a BYU homecoming staple, was held prior to homecoming week due to inclement weather concerns that are more common later in fall, according to Anthony Holt, an event specialist with BYU’s Department of Student Leadership’s activity team.

“It’s always been a part of homecoming, but unfortunately the weather is just so unpredictable,” Holt said. “We decided that we would move the event up to try and serve the most students possible. We only have good weather about every one out of three years.”

According to Holt, the event originally began as a big game of mud football on the Helaman Fields. However, the field would be so badly destroyed and only so many students could participate, so in the mid-1990s, blue-foam football began. Growing interest sparked a tug-of-war addition, and eventually a slip-and-slide, which has become the sole attraction of the event in recent years.

“Where we used to only be able to serve 200 to 300 students, and we’re projecting 2,000 to 3,000 students at this event today,” Holt said. 

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