Rooftop recap 14

Noble Bodies' Elaine Bradley screams as she plays during the Rooftop Concert Series' battle-of-the-bands style show on Aug. 3, 2019. 

In what can only be billed as a split decision, Noble Bodies and Pinguin Mofex retired to their corners at the end of their Provo Rooftop Concert Series showdown as winners in their own right — having been able to showcase their disparate musical styles in front of a wide-ranging audience.

The Provo Rooftop Concert Series put a new spin on its typical proceedings by not featuring one true headliner, instead having the two Provo-based bands alternate their time onstage in a series of three rounds. Both bands played into the title fight angle, complete with a “Let’s get ready to rumble” intro and emcees acting as comedic fight analysts between rounds. It made for a fun approach, even if the event was just as much a real competition as the concert series is, well, actually held on a rooftop.