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Fiber-optic internet comes to Sanpete County

By Staff | Jan 25, 2023

The CentraCom crews are currently working in Mt. Pleasant. Service is expected to be available within a few weeks.

FAIRVIEW — CentraCom announced that it is installing fiber-optic internet service in all towns and cities of North Sanpete County. Residents of North Sanpete County will have fiber-to-the-home internet service to help increase the economic opportunities in the area.

CentraCom has built over 400 miles of an all-fiber backbone network over the past two years, with strategic redundant pathways connecting Sanpete County. The backbone network is essential to provide the necessary and reliable backhaul traffic from our communities to the world. As the owner and operator of one of the largest fiber networks in the state, CentraCom maintains 100% of the network, allowing them quickly and efficiently manage the entire network. The fiber network is available to over 13,000 locations.

CentraCom has been the fiber network provider for the schools, churches, cities and hospitals in our area. And now, with the robust backhaul network completed, CentraCom is expanding its network to each home in the municipalities of the North Sanpete County area. The new fiber service will provide secure and reliable internet service with speeds up to a gigabit per second, with more available as needed.

“CentraCom has made a very valuable investment in our fiber network to help support businesses, communities and individuals with the economic advantages never-before-seen in rural areas,” said Brad Welch, COO of CentraCom.

Ultra-fast fiber internet connects everything in your home for uninterrupted surfing and streaming, plus balancing work and school. All fiber internet service is symmetrical. Symmetrical speeds mean the download and upload speeds are equal. This new service is ideal for work-from-home with the upload speed needed for video conferencing. Or for the learn-from-home student helping the student quickly upload assignments and projects. And for any gamer, with super-low lag time to help every move increase the gamer’s skill levels and quickness.

“With the incredible growth in the valley, we are positioned to support the wonderful people of Sanpete County with new opportunities to work from home, study from home, improve the smart home technology and more without compromising the benefit of living in our clean, beautiful valley,” said Branch Cox, CEO of CentraCom.

The CentraCom crews have completed installing the fiber network in Fairview, Fountain Green, Moroni, and Spring City and are installing the service to the homes and businesses in these cities. The CentraCom crews are currently working in Mt. Pleasant. Service is expected to be available within a few weeks. Anyone interested in signing up for service or getting more information is encouraged to visit www.centracom.com/fiber or call 1-800-427-8449.


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