Odd Utah names - Elmo

When we first saw this name, our minds immediately turned to the friendly red muppet from "Sesame Street." Sadly, that's not actually where the town of Elmo got its name. According to the Emery County website, Elmo was settled in 1908 and was named after the first four families that settled there: "E" for Ericksons, "L" for Larsens, "M" for Mortensens and "O" for Oviatts. Though that's the official explanation, Wikipedia notes that Elmo's etymology could also include "St. Elmo," the 1866 novel by Augusta Jane Evans.

First settled: 1908

Total area of Elmo: 0.6 square miles

Total population (as of 2017): 407

County of origin: Emery

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