A Springville man was arrested Wednesday after authorities received a call from a woman claiming he shot their mother.

According to the probable cause statement filed in support of the arrest, the adult woman contacted authorities after her 17-year-old sister called her to report their brother had shot their mother. The juvenile had run a half of a block north of the residence after the incident.

Officers with the Springville Police Department arrived at the residence and found an adult woman — identified as Victoria Ramirez — dead at the kitchen table with a single gunshot wound to the neck.

A 14-year-old child was also located inside the residence.

Authorities cleared the home to search for the suspect, 23-year-old Mike Lopez of Springville. Officers found Lopez in a bathtub located in the basement. A shotgun was leaning against the tub, and although Lopez was unresponsive, authorities reported there were no signs of physical injury.

Lopez was transported to the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, and his blood was tested. A sample of Lopez’ blood returned positive for THC, according to arrest documents.

The two juvenile females were transported to the Springville Police Department and interviewed.

In an interview with the 17-year-old child, the girl told police the family had gathered at the table to eat dinner when Lopez walked in with his shotgun. Lopez allegedly picked the gun up and pointed it at his mother before turning toward his sisters and giving them each a head nod.

The 17-year-old said her sister got out of her chair and walked toward the bathroom. She told police she followed her sister to see what was wrong, not believing the gun was actually loaded.

The girl allegedly heard her mother say, “I know you’re going to kill me” and turned around just in time to watch Lopez allegedly shoot their mother in the neck.

Lopez then allegedly walked over to them, grabbed the 14-year-old juvenile’s arm and began to dance with her.

The 17-year-old child said she locked herself in the bathroom and climbed out of the window, running away from the residence to call her adult sister, who lives in Spanish Fork.

The girl told police Lopez had allegedly purchased the shotgun the day before, along with a handgun. She also said Lopez has allegedly been supplying marijuana to another juvenile in the family, adding that he had been “acting really strange lately where he has been meditating a lot where he claims to go to different dimensions and talking about a lot of bad people,” according to the probable cause statement.

During an interview with the 14-year-old juvenile, authorities reported that she was acting strangely. The girl allegedly said her and Lopez had been spending a lot of time together, even taking turns sleeping so they can watch over one another.

The girl corroborated her sister’s accounts, saying Lopez had allegedly purchased a shotgun and handgun from Sportsman’s Warehouse in Provo.

Authorities asked the girl about her mother, and she allegedly claimed it wasn’t her mother who was shot, adding that it was someone else. She stated she was in the bathroom when the shot went off.

Police pressed the 14-year-old girl about dancing with Lopez after their mother was killed, and she allegedly “looked at (the arresting officer) and smiled and stated she remembered dancing and then she was trying to recite the song for me,” according to arrest documents.

The girl denied having any knowledge that Lopez was going to shoot their mother. Authorities reported that she did not show any emotion during the interview.

Lopez was transported from the hospital to the Utah County Jail after being medically cleared. He was booked into custody under the suspicion of first-degree felony aggravated murder.

Arresting officers have requested Lopez be held with no bail as his father has already fled to Mexico after his involvement in another criminal investigation and Lopez could be a danger to the witnesses as well as other family in the area.

“Mike is very dangerous and has already proved he is not afraid to harm people,” according to the probable cause statement.