Letter: Ranked-choice voting should be implemented in all Utah County cities

Thanks to the Herald for its continued coverage of ranked choice voting (RCV) in Utah. It is imperative for the continued health of our democracy that it is implemented.

Municipal elections using RCV in Payson and Vineyard went off without a hitch, and it is past time for the rest of Utah to follow suit. Other cities, such as Orem and Provo, decided to put off implementing RCV. This was a mistake.

Too often I hear people say things like, “I don’t like either candidate” or “I can’t vote for that because I would throw my vote away.” Unlike with current voting systems, with RCV you don’t have to try to pick a “winner.” Your vote still counts if your first choice doesn’t get a majority, and that allows you to vote for the position you actually want, it allows for outside and 3rd party voices, and it will bring disenchanted people back into the democratic process. RCV is one of our best chances to revitalize our democracy.

There’s no reason to drag our feet on this. Next time someone suggests a delay to implementing RCV, we should ask ourselves why they don’t want a vigorous democracy in their city.

Todd Greener, Provo