Pregnant woman and her friends at baby shower party

Because it’s baby shower season as well as bridal season, I thought I would continue to research and list out shower ideas and non-game party activities this week for all those glowing mothers-to-be. Again, using a little creativity, any baby shower host can pull together a fantastic baby shower filled with crafty fun, delicious food and great activities sure to foster connections and create memories for everyone in attendance.

Baby showers are traditionally filled with all things diapers, baby bottles, toys and much more. For the next baby shower you throw, however, try putting a fun spin on all those traditions … all without having to conduct silly games.

Here are some ideas for clever guestbooks, customizable activities and even a little extra fun to ensure the mom-to-be is fully supplied with all. For more ideas, visit our Party Ideas board on Pinterest.

Guestbook creativity

Toss out the old idea of having everyone sign a guestbook. Instead, create a keepsake that both Mom and Baby will be able to enjoy for many years to come. There are so many options for this alternate guestbook. You could have everyone fill out sweetly designed cards designed for well wishes or even advice for Mom. Or you could have guests sign their names to a plain white onesie that Mom can then frame for the nursery.

Another clever idea is to have guests create a piece of wall art. An oversized wooden cutout is a great canvas for guest signatures. You can even customize the design to match the baby’s nursery. It could be the baby’s initial, a silhouette cutout of an animal or even the matte surrounding baby’s first sonogram photo. Whichever you and the mom-to-be choose, make sure to have a variety of colorful, permanent markers and let guests have fun.

Child’s play

In my detestation of all things games, I naturally revert to fun activities to prompt guests to spark up conversations. Clever food stations, like I outlined last week, are a tasty idea, but baby showers, in particular, are the perfect venue for crafting activities, especially when those resulting crafts help add to the mom-to-be’s layette. Think along the lines of a onesie decorating station, hair bow building for baby girls or bowties for baby boys. You can even create a totally custom building block set.

I love the idea of guests creating baby’s first alphabet or quiet book. Once guests arrive you can assign them a letter of the alphabet (or number if there are more than 26 guests) and let them get creative. You can either have guests select their own animal or object to explain their letter or number (J is for Jellyfish or Five Sushi Rolls). Or you can print out pages from one of the numerous coloring page options online.

Diaper delivery

When you consider that a newborn baby will use at least 700 diapers in their first three months, diapers for a new mom are such a great gift idea. But, when it comes to going out and shopping for a cute, much-needed baby gift, diapers really don’t top the list. Help alleviate the burden of buying dozens and dozens of diapers by hosting a Diaper Raffle. Along with their gift, encourage guests to bring a package, or two or three, of diapers. For every package of diapers, enter their name into a prize raffle.

Another fun diaper-themed activity is to unpack several packs of newborn diapers. Set up a table where guests can then grab a handful of diapers and, using permanent markers, write out sweet, clever, funny, encouraging and even snarky messages for Mom and Dad to read as they are changing Baby’s diaper for the 14th time that day. Ideas include “Caution, Contents Under Pressure,” “Weapon of Destruction” and “This Too Shall Pass.”

— Jennifer Durrant