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Explore Utah’s stunning fishing destinations on Free Fishing Day June 10

By Staff | Jun 7, 2023

Austin Wyatt (6) of Helper shows trout caught at the Gigliotti Pond in Helper. By Brent Stettler on 9-22-07

SALT LAKE CITY — If you’ve ever wanted to cast a line and reel in a fish amidst Utah’s breathtaking outdoor scenery but don’t possess a fishing license, mark your calendars for Free Fishing Day. This year, the event falls on Saturday, June 10, granting everyone the opportunity to fish at any public waterbody in Utah without the need for a license. It’s an ideal occasion for families to embark on a memorable adventure and introduce their loved ones to the joys of fishing.

Whether you’re a novice angler or a seasoned pro, Free Fishing Day offers a chance to embrace the sport without any licensing restrictions. “Because you don’t need a license to fish that day, it’s the perfect time to take someone with you and introduce them to this fun sport,” suggested Randy Oplinger, the Sportfish Coordinator at the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Early June proves to be an exceptional time for fishing in Utah, as both warmwater and coldwater species are highly active and eager to take the bait.

For those taking a novice angler along, make the experience even more memorable by commemorating their first catch with a delightful DWR certificate. Simply print out the certificate at home and fill in the details to document the special occasion.

Anglers should keep in mind that while Free Fishing Day waives the requirement for a fishing license, entrance fees to state parks and other areas may still apply.

When it comes to fishing destinations, local community ponds provide convenient and accessible options for a quick angling adventure close to home. These ponds, particularly well-suited for kids and less experienced anglers, are abundant throughout Utah, with 57 community ponds waiting to be explored. The DWR website offers detailed information about each pond, and many of them will be stocked with rainbow trout a few days before Free Fishing Day. To ensure a satisfying fishing experience throughout the summer months, the DWR will also introduce channel catfish into several community ponds across the state.

Aside from community ponds, Utah boasts numerous lakes, reservoirs, and miles of streams that offer exceptional fishing opportunities. If you crave a more remote fishing experience or prefer larger water bodies, the Fish Utah map available on the DWR website will guide you in discovering the perfect fishing spot that meets your preferences.

While a fishing license is not required on June 10, it’s important to familiarize yourself with Utah’s fishing regulations, including catch limits and other rules specific to the waterbody you intend to fish. These guidelines can be found in the 2023 Utah Fishing Guidebook. Additionally, remember to practice responsible recreation by leaving no trace and keeping fishing areas free of litter.

Although Free Fishing Day allows for license-free fishing, it’s essential to note that a fishing license is required on any other day of the year. Fishing licenses are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase and can be conveniently obtained online, at any DWR office, or through a DWR license agent.

Embark on a memorable fishing adventure on Free Fishing Day 2023 and revel in the natural wonders of Utah’s scenic fishing destinations. Cast your line, embrace the tranquility, and create lasting memories surrounded by the splendor of the outdoors.


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