Beehives and Buffalo Chips

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December 12, 2008 11:00 pm  • 

Beehives to Greg Evans, Lance Greer and other volunteers who, along with two public-spirited companies, improved two run-down ballfields in Eureka. The fields reportedly rose 10 feet from home plate to center field. Evans, volunteer project manager for the city's baseball committee, used his connections to invite W.W. Clyde and Geneva Rock to regrade the fields, as part of a complete overhaul. Efforts by folks such as W.W. Clyde's surveying and machine-guidance manager Greer helped it happen. To all involved: "Great play!"

Beehives to Eileen Quintana, Jeanie Groves and more than 500 students in the in Nebo and Alpine School Districts for participating in a food drive to benefit Navajo elders in southern Utah. Quintana, program director for Nebo, said the service is important for Native American children in the district because it integrates their culture into daily studies and gives them a connection to what they are learning. Groves, Title VII coordinator for Alpine School District, said participation in the food drive for the Navajo elders also helps the students learn leadership.

Buffalo Chip to the state of Utah for a dysfunctional "ethics" process that cost taxpayers nearly $90,000. The hearings on charges against Rep. Greg Hughes and an allegation against Rep. Phil Riesen racked up costs for legislative salaries, staff work and meals. A panel cleared the lawmakers, and the allegations against Hughes seem to have been a politically motived "October Surprise." But maybe the Legislature learned how wasteful such wild-goose chases can be. Maybe.

Beehive to BYU religion Professor Randy Bott for being named the top-ranked professor of 2008 by Bott said he spends four to six hours every day answering phone calls and e-mails from his students. There are some professors at other colleges who don't spend a minute, so it's a well-deserved compliment.

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