Lisa Kudrow stars as the voice of Honey in the new animated Fox show, "Housebroken."

The new FOX animated comedy “HouseBroken” focusers on a group of animals that gather for group therapy while their humans are away. And yes, there are some strays that take advantage of these helpful gatherings.

These animals are all different with personality traits that just might look like someone viewers know or can relate to. There is a wide variety of animals and personalities that make up these quirky gatherings, so the combination is quite humorous.

Lisa Kudrow voices the poodle named Honey. It was inevitable that she would be asked any question relating to her 10-year run as Phoebe in the hit sitcom “Friends.” Of course people relate her to her famous song “Smelly Cat,” however, the actor acknowledges there is no such animal in this group of furry friends.

Even though she has given voice to other characters, she still says the disheartening part about doing an animated show vs. a sitcom that is taped in front of a live audience, is not being able to see the reactions of the audience and especially not seeing her fellow cast mates.

“What I really dislike about it is not seeing everybody else because I feel, kind of, new to the animated thing, and it’s hard for me not to see the person that I’m talking to,” Kudrow said. “I have to say that was really hard.”

On the flip side, Kudrow explained, “It’s fun because you get to keep doing it over and over again.”

During her decade on “Friends,” the showrunners would have to do quick rewrites during tapings when they saw a joke or something was not working. This is different for the writers on an animated show.

“They get to rewrite jokes and hone in on stories and everything, unlike a sitcom, live action where they have to do it — like, they have 10 minutes after the scene to make it perfect. So that’s really great. It’s really fun to see how much funnier it gets and how much more focused it gets, and they are very patient with me finding my character and figuring out what I’m doing.”

As far as her character of Honey, Kudrow acknowledged, “I thought that Honey represents me personally really well: elegant, really smart, caring, great advice — actually, overly analytical, controlling, and trying to be fun when it’s really not in there.”

So she really does relate to her furry animated persona.

The best part about doing this show for the popular actor was that it gave her something to do during the down time of lockdowns and the COVID quiet.

Fans of Kudrow can see her on the HBO MAX show “Friends: The Reunion,” where she appears alongside her five other costars as they look back at the 10 years that made television history. Kudrow was the one cast member who hardly changed. She looks just like a little more mature Phoebe.

“HouseBroken” currently airs on FOX.