Got any road trips on the schedule for this summer? I have at least one trip planned as my husband and I travel to Oregon for a family reunion in a couple of weeks. So, in addition to packing and planning details for the trip, I will be scrubbing the interior and exterior of our car while my husband ensures the car is all lubed and tires rotated.

Being somewhat of a clean freak, I love spending time cleaning out the nooks and crannies of my vehicles, making them shiny and smelling good. Naturally, I want to find some great shortcuts for making that scrubbing session and I found some great ideas for cleaning inside, outside and keeping it organized.

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Interior detailing

It’s amazing how quickly a car can get dirty. Crumbs, sticky sodas, rocks, straw wrappers, lost pieces of candy and all those pocketfuls of change seem to add up quickly, no matter how tidy you are. And, with all sorts of spaces — air vents, gaps between seats, door storage — to trap those pieces of garbage and forgotten snacks, any tips are appreciated.

When trying to clean crevices, it’s all about finding the perfect tools for the job. For instance, a damp sponge paintbrush is perfect for cleaning out those air vents. Compressed air is also a great way for blowing out crumbs around the steering column and the gear shifter. And either a Swiffer cloth or coffee filter are great ways to wipe down interior surfaces.

Shiny exterior

When it comes to washing the exterior, I’m all about zipping through my favorite car wash. But every now and then that power wash is just the beginning of my cleaning project. Windows, chrome accents, tires, headlights, mirrors and other spots that often don’t get quite the scrubbing needed demand a little attention. Time to break out the creative tools and hot tips.

Headlights are so quick to become cloudy. But using some baking soda-based toothpaste, the glass on the headlights can be quickly shined up. Want a shiny wax look? Try hand washing your car using hair conditioner. When washing your windows, make sure to roll them down (I always forget this.) to make sure the top edge is also nice and clear.

Organizing hacks

Once you’ve spiffied up your car, it’s time to keep it clean by deploying some great organizational hacks that will create places for everything. Jockey boxes, consoles, cup holders, trunks, seldom-used back seats and door pockets all become magnets for junk like receipts, CD jewel cases, charging cords, umbrellas, loose change and much more.

One of my biggest pet peeves is cup holders filled with change, garbage, ChapStick and other odd items that are quick to drop in those handy holders. But I need those areas free for my water bottle. To keep those holders clean, try placing disposable cupcake wrappers in to collect dust. And for all that spare change? Clean out an old gum or mint holder and toss it in your console instead.

— Jennifer Durrant