Abby LeBaron, 19, of Springville is pretty confident, except when it comes to singing.

“It’s my passionate thing, and I don’t want anyone to ... make fun of it,” LeBaron said on “American Idol.” “So I guess I just kind of … kept it to myself.”

Until now.

The singer received a unanimous vote to Hollywood from “American Idol” judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan during her audition, which aired Sunday night.

“You’ve got the talent,” Perry said. “You need to work on believing in yourself.”

LeBaron, who works as a social media manager, told the judges she doesn’t have a big social media following because she didn’t ever want to come across as showing off.

“We are in the show-off business,” Richie said as the judges started singing “There’s No Business Like Show Business” and Bryan “showed off” by performing part of “I’m a Bad Bad Man” from the musical “Annie Get Your Gun.”

The Utahn then auditioned at the piano with a rendition of “All I Want” by Kodaline.

“Abby, when you started, I had chill bumps everywhere,” Bryan said after calling her a show-off.

Bryan also identified “a couple of little misguided moves” during the song and gave her some advice, along with Richie.

LeBaron credited a neighbor for sending her the link for “Idol Across America,” which led her to initially audition for “American Idol” virtually from her basement.

“It’s just crazy to me that one small gesture like that just changed the course of my life,” LeBaron said.

Getting a yes to Hollywood from all three judges was “unreal,” LeBaron said in a phone interview on Monday.

“To be honest, I was kind of surprised,” LeBaron said. “Just going in there, I was kind of expecting to get noes just because it felt too good to be true, so when I got yeses, I was ecstatic.”

LeBaron said watching the celebrities sing and dance for her felt like a fever dream.

“I was like, ‘What is going on right now?’ ” LeBaron said. “But it was fun, and I think doing that kind of made me feel more comfortable and loosen up a little bit.”

There is no experience like singing for three celebrity judges, LeBaron said, but the audition gave her more confidence.

“I think the judges were also realistic with me,” LeBaron said. “They were impressed with my voice, which was very flattering, and was great for my confidence, but they also gave me things that I should work on, which was really helpful.”

LeBaron comes from a musical family and sang in the Utah Valley Children’s Choir.

“I think Utah County is very musical and very talented, and so I think I just have grown up with musical people,” LeBaron said. “I’ve been surrounded with good music, and so that’s inspired me to grow as a musician.”

She said Utah County band The National Parks has also shaped her as a musician.

“They were inspiring to me because they came from Utah and I love their music and they’re getting bigger,” LeBaron said.

LeBaron said it feels “awesome” to be sharing her talent with the world. Her social media following has increased from around 700 followers to upward of 3,300 since her “American Idol” audition.

“It’s a new experience,” LeBaron said. “It’s crazy that so many more people now know I sing and are following me and are fans of me, so I think that’s mind-boggling.”

There has been “an outpour of love and support” since the show aired, LeBaron said.

“That’s really all I hope for is just more people that continue to support me like that and want to listen to my music,” LeBaron said.