Pleasant Grove G

A letter G representing Pleasant Grove is seen painted on a mountain to the east of the city in 2014.

On the side of the mountain just above Pleasant Grove High School stands the Pleasant Grove G. The original G was built May 10, 1920 when nearly 100 senior boys from  the newly constructed Pleasant Grove High School wanted to express their pride in their community and school. Little Mountain is bordered on the north by Mahogany Mountain and on the south by Brush Mountain. The G is between Grove Creek Canyon on the north and Battle Creek Canyon on the south. A rough and steep trail was cut out of the side of the mountain and the students then forged a "G" with pick and shovel. They then carried boulders from a half-mile radius to fill in the framework and packhorses hauled up water, lime and sprayers so they could coat the rocks with whitewash. The whitewash has had to be redone just about every year. The "G" is lit three times during the year -- for Pleasant Grove's Strawberry Days, for Pleasant Grove High School's graduation and for their homecoming festivities. 

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