It was nearly 9 p.m. on a Monday evening and we were exhausted.

It had been a ridiculously long day (aren’t Mondays always long, though?) and we had just survived not only a full day of work, but a bustling school carnival with so many people. The grown-ups were hungry, the kids were hungry, no one wanted to cook, and we definitely didn’t want to hit up a drive-through yet again.

We knew there had to be a perfect somewhere to go, but where that was? We didn’t know. Cue Google. A quick search for new restaurants in the area unveiled a curiosity, and one we couldn’t resist. Open until 10 p.m. on weeknights and 11 p.m. weekends? YES! What in the world was Doc Brundy’s Delectable Diversions? And how quickly could we get there?

As we drove, we checked out the website, to see if we could get an idea of what we were in for. The first thing we read was intriguing enough.

“’Eight hours sleep, eight hours work, eight hours recreation.’ That’s what ‘Doc’ Brundy is said to have heard Brigham Young exclaim one day, and we live by it,” the site read. “Whether enjoying our boutique Duckpin bowling, unique retro game room, or scratch-made five-star menu, you and your peeps will be refreshed by Doc’s preparations!”

We read about the scratch-made comfort food, the unique Duckpin bowling and the 50-plus retro pinball and classic arcade games offered at the venue and were hooked on the idea.

According to the Doc Brundy’s site, “There’s no relaxation without great food,” and that’s an idea I can get behind. Adding in the fact the menus are allergen-friendly and anything can be made gluten-free upon request at no extra charge, by the time we got there, we were wondering who WOULDN’T want to check it out.

We arrived just as the previous guests were leaving, drawn to the restaurant by its bold exterior sign lighting. And to think I thought we would miss it.

The interior is a unique combination of updated modern and vintage retro, with a pretty impressive expanse of tables along the center and comfy booths along the side for guests to choose between. In the back of the large room is the fun Duckpin bowling setup, with a massive room to the right of the door housing dozens of vintage game machines in pretty much every style imaginable from Flintstones, Arabian Nights and Hobbit to AC/DC, Star Trek and Captain Fantastic. It was a pretty cool experience roaming through the machines as I made my way to the bathroom, and though we came for food this time around, I can definitely imagine heading back to Doc Brundy’s soon to check out the gaming and more of the menu (a limited menu is offered after 9 p.m. since it closes at 10 and everything is made fresh in-house).

We were able to choose where we wanted to sit, and as we settled in, we scoured over the menu, which ranged from salads (dubbed “Restorative Greens”) to burgers, soups, pizza, comfort food favorites (meatloaf, mac and cheese, chicken and waffles) and snacks (like meatballs, nachos, chicken strips and wings).

Unfortunately, we learned that the grill items weren’t available after 9 p.m., so we’ll be back to try the full menu soon, but we took a hearty sampling of the rest of the menu, and were delighted with what we had, how quickly it came, and how great the employees were.

After such a long day, our kids were crazier than crazy, and uncharacteristically so. I was trying hard to contain them, and questioning our decision to not go home when our server showed up with a treasure chest and small toys that offered just enough motivation to help them mostly calm down through dinner. Another benefit was how prompt the food came, and we all dug quickly into a family-size portion of Pulled Pork nachos which included delicious, homemade chips, BBQ glazed pork, chipotle crème, pico de gallo, cheese sauce and cilantro.

It was fresh, it was crisp, and it was flavorful, with the cheese sauce and chipotle cream accenting the pork and the natural flavor of the chips. I was a huge fan, and would go back for those alone.

Our order also included “Not Your” Funeral Potato Soup, which was creamy, flavorful, and accented with a crisp topping that gave it variety. It was the perfect kind of meal for a cold night.

As we soaked in the environment of the quiet dining hall, which offered us some needed moments of peace after a hectic day, we also dove into Doc Brundy’s Cobb Salad. Topped with red onion, egg, cucumber, cheese, tomato, bacon, radish, chicken and ranch, it was a salad smorgasbord, and gave definite credit to the fresh nature of Doc Brundy’s food.

Though we were already pretty full from our hefty meal, we decided to check out the dessert menu before we left, which boasts “Ice Cream Elixir” which are essentially shakes, but something called “Ice Cream Alchemy,” and “Doc’s Delights” which are an array of other sweet goodies centering on homemade ice cream.

We had a Cookie “Dough” Monster Sandwich, which includes blue cookie dough ice cream heaped between two chocolate chip cookies. It was delightful, and everyone dug in, impressed by the rich, sweet flavor.

Doc Brundy’s provided us with a delightful end to a difficult day – from a relaxed atmosphere to fresh-made comfort food and a definite pleasant diversion. It’s only been open in Spanish Fork for three months, and just barely held the grand opening, but I can see it becoming a community hotspot for years to come.

Kari Kenner manages and creates digital features and niche content for the Daily Herald.

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