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U-Talk: Do you think it is important to vote? Why or why not?

"I think that, on a local level, votes can be very effective for change especially when such a small percentage of people in the area vote for local elections. I'm a little more skeptical when it comes to more national issues. I've seen studies that conclude that public opinion has very little to do with what bills actually get passed in Congress. On a more a local level, and luckily that's the level that affects us more, I would say yeah — voting is especially important in order to help the local government run and in order to get our voices out there." — Connor Smith, Provo "Yes, ...


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Hannah Jean Mendenhall Fry

Hannah Jean Mendenhall Fry, age 97 of Orem, passed away Monday, June 20, 2022. Funeral services are under the direction of Wheeler Mortuary, www.wheelermortuary.com.

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