General Conference coverage - Saturday - Morning Session 13

Members make their way into the church's Conference Center before the morning session of the 188th Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018, in Salt Lake City. Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

It’s general conference weekend again for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and that means another reason to look for fun, clever and inspired ways to enjoy this weekend with your family even more. This semi-annual weekend is always filled with spiritual guidance, amazing stories and wisdom, but the weekend is also a wonderful time for bonding with your family as well.

Whether your family will be listening to the General Conference talks around a delicious homemade breakfast buffet or donning pajamas all day, curled up on pillows and blankets or listening in the car while driving home from your spring break adventures, there are foods, activities and tricks to make the most of your conference viewing (or listening). For more ideas, visit our General Conference Ideas board on Pinterest.

Breakfast favorites

Breakfast on General Conference Sunday is always the best breakfast! With time to linger over the prep work and even more time to savor every bite of fluffy waffle, eggy casserole, salty bacon or sweet rolls, it’s a great day to serve up a little extra morning goodness for your family. Don’t forget to include them in all the prep work and cleanup, too.

One clever idea kids of all ages will love is creating pancakes in the shape of neckties. With an array of garnishes like various berries, chocolate chips, bananas, peanut butter, whipped cream and even sprinkles and colored sugars, let everyone decorate a tie they think their favorite speaker might wear.

Activities for children

The best way to get young kids to pay attention to the talks of General Conference is to keep them engaged. Activities and games related to the anticipated talks, speakers and even hymns, especially when there are prizes involved, are a great way to keep youngsters entertained throughout the weekend.

One clever idea is to let your kiddos create their own snack mix. Each mix ingredient is assigned to a word or series of words. For instance, let the kids add a chocolate chip to their snack mix every time they hear the words love, charity or service. For pray or prayer they add mini pretzels. Goldfish crackers get added when missions or missionaries are mentioned. Repent, repentance or atonement are worth a marshmallow.

Tricks while traveling

Since conference weekend will be the conclusion of spring break for most families this year, I thought it would be fun to come up with some activities the family could do in the car while listening to the talks driving home from a fun-filled week away. Games and snacks are always a staple for any road trip, so why not add a little spiritual twist to the treats and activities?

Create a great game of General Conference Bingo to keep everyone listening. A World Temple Word Search is a great way to celebrate the announcement of any new temples. Coloring pages, too, are fun for children of all ages. Another great idea is to create packets of fun facts on all the apostles. When one of them speaks, pull out the packet and share little tidbits with everyone about the apostles’ hobbies, childhood and more.

— Jennifer Durrant

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