Mother and adult daughter in shopping mall together

Sometimes mothers and daughters just need to go shopping together. Girls, am I right?

Dec. 24th is a big day at my house. I assume it is like that for most people in the United States. But even with cooking and cleaning and wrapping to do before 2:30 p.m., I just had to go to the mall.

Well, I shouldn’t say “had to” or even “needed to,” because it’s definitely a “wanted to.” So I called my mom at 8 a.m. and told her I needed to go to the mall. I asked if she would like to come too. “Of course!” was her excited reply.

We went to the mall the day before, too. I had finished my grocery store errands, so I called mom and asked if she would like to go to the mall. Someone must have raised her right because she was excited to hit the crowded mall both days. (Or is it the other way around? I was raised right.) We didn’t have anything in particular to buy. We just wanted to check out the Christmas atmosphere there. However, you gotta know how well I’ve been trained to shop. We hit the jackpot on some wonderfully marked down clothing items we just “needed” to buy.

I found some beautiful work clothing and she found a stunning jacket to go with a skirt we found last year (on a New Year’s Day mall trip). Mom hemmed and hawed about actually buying a jacket she wouldn’t wear very often and I convinced her with the following, “If you buy it you can always have a reason to come back to the mall and return it.” I know that logic doesn’t make sense to the men in our lives, but it makes perfect sense to us!

We took so long in our “jackpot deals” store that I forgot I had gone to the mall for a reason. Hence the “needed” trip to the mall today. Most of all, we just needed mom and daughter time that was lighthearted and fun and full of laughter.

It’s that way with my daughters too! When I visited a daughter several months ago, I convinced her that we needed to go to the mall. She didn’t want to go. She was too busy. My daughter?! Not wanting to go to the mall?! Well, she humored me and we went shopping with her teenage daughter and her youngest son. As I walked around various stores with my grandson, trying to keep him from getting too bored, my daughter and granddaughter shopped. After several hours, we finally made it home, completely exhausted.

“Thanks so much for making me to go the mall, Mom. I had such a good time. I forgot how much fun we’ve always had when we go shopping,” was what I heard when we got home.

Black Friday was a month ago. Bet you can guess what I did. Well, at least I waited until the afternoon so the crowds would have dwindled some. This time I went with my youngest daughter who obviously has been raised right. She stuck me in a dressing room for three hours. (Not a misprint. It was actually three hours.) We found some great bargains in a store that would soon be closing. You can guess how many items you have to wade through to find some great stuff in that kind of store, but my daughter was willing. I spent those three hours in a dressing room as my daughter brought me every item in the entire store to try on. It was actually really great because she is extremely good with detail and she knows what looks best on me. It’s like having a personal shopper for free!

Last year, when I had a granddaughter turning 4, guess what we did? Yep! And we found her some darling clothes. But mostly, we had some grandma, granddaughter time shopping. There have been times in my life that a shopping trip consisted of walking around a mall and talking. Sometimes without actually going into any stores. Often times without spending money.

No matter the weather and no matter the pocketbook size, shopping with mom (or daughter or granddaughter) can create joyous connections and memories.

Jennifer Sant is a Utah high school teacher, energy wellness coach mother of five and currently grandmother of ten. Contact her at